Will Najib flip a coin this Friday to decide if there's GST on petrol

It couldn’t be more ironic when Malaysians need to rely on foreign newspaper to know that GST will be imposed on petrol.

Yesterday, Singapore’s “Shin Min Daily News” published a news report that Malaysia will announce the implementation of GST on petrol during budget 2015 this Friday.

For the past one month, Deputy Finance Minister, Ahmad Maslan has repeatedly denied that the decision to impose GST on petrol has yet to be finalized. Ahmad Maslan even refuted an earlier statement by Senior Assistant Director of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department Isa Daud that petrol will not be exempted from GST.

Ahmad Maslan definitely has his mind on the Pengkalan Kubor by-election when he insisted a decision has yet to be made to impose GST on petrol.

Ahmad Maslan denial has now been exposed as a lie when even foreign media published the news that GST will indeed be imposed on petrol. Ahmad Maslan now owes all Malaysians a reasonable explanation on his denial.

There is only three more days left before budget 2015 will be tabled in parliament. Is Ahmad Maslan going to persist and tell all Malaysians that BN is so indecisive; a decision to impose GST on petrol has yet to be made? If so, is Najib going to flip a coin in parliament this Friday to decide whether GST will be imposed on petrol?

Media Statement by Chong Zhemin, DAP Perak Economic Development Bureau Chief and Political Secretary to the Taiping MP on 7 Oct 2014

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