MCA has no qualms supporting regressive laws in the past and will support the proposed amendment of OSA should it be tabled in parliament.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai has warned that the proposal to amend the Official Secrets Act (OSA) to punish whistleblowers and journalists with life imprisonment would be regressive if true. He however stop short of declaring if MCA will support or reject this proposed amendment if tabled in the house by giving the lame excuse that he has yet to see the AG plans.

Liow also further stressed that MCA would ensure that the amendments would benefit the nation and public.

Liow’s reply is a typical MCA leader’s respond to pay lip service and a tokenistic PR exercise. MCA has a bad track record when it comes to defending the people and national interest during the tabling of draconian laws in the lower and upper house.

In 2012, MCA supported the Peaceful Assembly Act which restrict the people’s freedom to gathering which is a basic right enshrine in the Federal Constitution. In the same year MCA also supported SOSMA(Security Offences Special Measures) which allows detention without trial, a worse law than ISA.

When Najib promised to repeal the Sedition Act in 2012, MCA hailed Najib as a progressive and reformist. However when Najib made the U-turn to retain and fortify the Sedition Act In 2014, MCA wholeheartedly supported Najib’s decision to clampdown on dissent.

In 2015, MCA supported both the POTA(Prevention of Terrorist Act) and NSC(National Security Council) act which gave wide powers to the authority to shutdown the country’s democracy and to persecute political opponents.

MCA’s track record is solid proof that the party has no qualms supporting regressive, oppressive and draconian laws in the past and will continue to do so in the future as long as UMNO gave the nod. There is not a single doubt that if the proposed amendment of OSA is tabled in parliament, all MCA MPs will solidly support the amendment.

I call on Liow not to hide behind the lame excuse (that he has yet to see the proposed amendment by AG hence reserve judgement) and come up with a simple yes and no answer.

Will MCA support the proposed amendment of OSA to punish whistleblowers and journalists with life imprisonment? Yes or no?

Media Statement by Chong Zhemin, DAP Perak Publicity Bureau Chief and Political Secretary toTaiping MP on 13 Feb 2016

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