The survey by UM Senior lecturer and Khazanah Institute is proof that Chinese proficiency is a major factor and advantage in landing a job. Putrajaya should change its education policy and stop the discrimination of Chinese Primary Schools.

A research conducted by Universiti Malaya senior lecturer Dr Lee Hwok Aun and Khazanah Research Institute Director of Research Muhammed Abdul Khalid have found out that if one Malay and the other Chinese – applied for employment at a Malay firm, the Chinese applicant was more likely to land the job. The research also noted that Chinese proficiency is a major factor and an advantage to both Malays and Chinese.

The result of the survey is proof that companies in the private sectors employ workers based on merit and Chinese Language proficiency is one of the capabilities that firms valued when hiring employees.

I urge Putrajaya to be open minded on the results of this survey and stop looking at Chinese Primary Schools from a racist angle. The Chinese Primary School issue is an education issue, not a racial issue. A Malaysian can learn the Chinese Language no matter what race he/she is born into. Out of the 650,000 Chinese Primary School Students 15% or 97,500 students are non-Chinese. All these Chinese Primary School students including the 15% non-Chinese will have an advantage over their peers in National Schools when trying to land a job.

Putrajaya must change its education policy to be more inclusive and stop the discrimination of Chinese Primary Schools. I urge Putrajaya to build vernacular schools according to needs and give a fair allocation to all vernacular schools including Chinese and Tamil schools.

Media Statement by Chong Zhemin, DAP Perak Publicity Bureau Chief and Political Secretary to Taiping MP on 18 February 2016

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