The Public Universities disciplinary action against University students who speak up against the 1MDB scandal is an assault against freedom of expression and an act to further clampdown dissent on the 1MDB scandal.

Since 2016, there were 10 University students who were taken disciplinary action for speaking up against the 1MDB scandal.

Four of the University Malaya students known as UMANY 4 was taken action and fine for holding up placards during the 1MDB town hall forum. The 1MDB town hall forum which Arul Kanda was the speaker is nothing but a spin of facts to whitewash the 1MDB scandal and to brainwash the university students.

It is outrageous that a simple act of holding placard to show dissent is not tolerated by UM. Among the wordings on the placard reads, “1MDB Jangan Spin”, Mahasiswa mahukan jawapan”, 1MDB pulangkan duit rakyat”. UM’s move to take disciplinary action against UMANY 4 is an assault against freedom of expression.

Apart from that, 6 other student leaders were also taken disciplinary action for participating in the “Tangkap MO1” rally. 4 of the students are from UM, 1 from UKM, and 1 from UiTM.

The right to peaceful rally is enshrined under the Federal Constitution and the university should not take action against students who merely exercise their constitutional rights.

We urge UM, UKM and UiTM to immediately drop all charges against the students for speaking up against the 1MDB issue. Malaysia has overnight become a kleptocracy and one of the most globally corrupt nation due to the 1MDB.

University students who are the nation’s future have the responsibility to speak up against the 1MDB scandal and save Malaysia from being a global kleptocrat.

Joint Media Statement by Paul Yong Choo Kiong, DAP Perak Assistant Secretary and ADUN Tronoh and Chong Zhemin DAP Perak Publicity Bureau Chief on 12 April 2017.

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