Najib must explain why the double broadband speed for the same price announced at budget 2017 is only valid for broadband package signed before 28 February. Call for government to upgrade all broadband package with double speed automatically and permanently.

When Najib tabled budget 2017 in parliament last October, he promised Malaysians that starting from Jan 2017, telco companies would upgrade all broadband package with double speed at the current price.

Najib announcement in budget is not only misleading but also deceiving. We have earlier exposed that the “Thank You Surprise” campaign rolled out by TM in January to double the broadband speed is only valid for home users but not commercial users.

We were also told by TM that the double broadband speed upgrade is only valid for customers who signed up their broadband package before 28 February 2017. In other words, current home users who wish to sign up a new unifi package will not get the free double speed upgrade.

TM staff has confirmed with us that the current unifi packages are, 30 Mbps at RM199 per month, 50Mbps at RM249 per month and 100Mbps at RM329 per month, which is the same package before the free speed upgrade.

The current package price is not only more expensive but also slower than the previous package offered. Users who signed up before 28 February 2017 just need to pay RM179 for the 30 Mbps package and would be offered free speed upgrade to 50 Mbps.

We urge Najib to explain why the free broadband speed upgrade could not be made permanent but just for a limited time period.

We have also received complaints from certain Streamyx users where their old package were not valid for the free speed upgrade. These users who have signed their broadband package quite some time back paid RM60 per month for 500kbps. However, TM refused to provide them with the free speed upgrade giving the excuse that they are on an old package not offered by TM anymore.

Malaysians are already paying very expensive monthly fees for the same broadband speed compared to our neighbouring countries due to TM monopoly in the industry. We urge the government to immediately fulfil their promise in budget 2017 to upgrade all broadband package (home and commercial) automatically and permanently.

Joint Media Statement by YB Ong Boon Piow SA for Tebing Tinggi, YB Teh Hock Ke SA for Jelapang and Chong Zhemin DAP Perak Publicity Bureau Chief on 19 April 2017.

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