Where is the "double broadband speed at half the price" as promised by Najib in budget 2017 last year?

Prime Minister Najib has announced in the tabling of budget 2017 in parliament last year that internet service provider(ISP) will double the internet speed by 2017 and half the subscription price by 2018.

The promise made by Najib is nothing but a smokescreen to hoodwink Malaysians that we are going to receive fast internet speed at an affordable price.

Tmnet did roll out a “Thank You Surprise” campaign to double the existing user internet speed early this year, however this campaign was only limited to home users (excluding business users) and only for a limited period of time (3-months period), which has now been discontinued.

Other ISP such as Maxis, Time Broadband, Yes and P1 did not follow up with any campaign to double up the user’s internet speed during the whole year.

Malaysians demand to know when can we receive the “double broadband speed at half the price” as promised by Najib in budget 2017.

Three days ago, Lowyat.net reported a new Unifi lite plan at RM99 for 10Mbps download speed for a limited time. However, checks with tmnet that this plan has been delayed indefinitely. I urge Najib to clarify whether his ministry interfere with tmnet to roll out this unifi lite plan so that Najib can repackage this RM99 unifi lite plan and announce it during budget 2018 this Friday as affordable broadband to all Malaysians.

This watered down unifi lite plan(10Mbps) at RM99 even if announced by Najib is still a more expensive broadband plan at 6 times slower the speed as to what promised by Najib last year!

Tmnet has been offering Unifi Advanced plan with the speed of 30Mbps at a monthly subscription of RM199 when Najib announced the “double broadband speed at half the price” offer last year. If Najib were to keep his promise, Malaysians would be able to enjoy a 60Mbps broadband at only RM99.50!

At this information age where Malaysians rely heavily on broadband speed, we deserved faster broadband packages at a lower price. I urge Najib to make good his promise made in budget 2017 to offer Malaysians “Double broadband speed at half the price”! Can he deliver?

Media Statement by Chong Zhemin DAP Perak Publicity Bureau Chief and Political Secretary to MP Taping on the 24 October 2017

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