Instead of giving out cash incentives to owners to replace old vehicles, BN should fulfil their election promise in GE 13 to bring car prices down by 30%

Two days ago, Bernama reported that Putrajaya is mulling to introduce a new policy on the lifespan of vehicles in the country. Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai also said that this proposal included a cash incentive for the owners to replace old vehicles.

This new policy if reintroduced represent a double flip-flop by the BN government. Putrajaya had in Nov 2013 killed off a proposal to set a 12 year-age limit on cars after receiving opposition from the rakyat.

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi was quoted saying the below in 2013.

“I want to stress we have no plans to impose a lifespan on cars for disposal purposes and we do not want to burden the public.”

If Putrajaya doesn’t want to burden the public in 2013, why in the world has Putrajaya decided to burden the public in 2017 by imposing a lifespan on cars?

I urge Putrajaya to immediately call off this proposal which will burden the public, especially the lower income group and fresh graduates. Many fresh graduates are still driving their parents’ old cars. Instead of proposing age limit on cars, BN should fulfil their election promise in GE 13 to bring car prices down by 30% by 2018.

By bringing down car prices, Malaysians will be able to enjoy better quality cars at a cheaper price. Those who can afford new and better quality cars will automatically replace their old cars and at the same time, this would also not burden people in the lower income group with the pressure to replace their old car which is still working perfectly.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman had as recent as 2016 said that car prices will come down by 30% by 2018. We are now only two months away from 2018 but there is not a single sign that car prices will come down. In fact, car prices had gone up by 10-20% since 2013 due to the falling Ringgit.

I call on BN to immediately bring down car prices by 30%, failure in which BN will be booted out from Putrajaya for their failure to fulfil their election promise.

Media Statement by Chong Zhemin DAP Perak Publicity Bureau Chief and Political Secretary to MP Taping on the 31 October 2017

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