Self-proclaimed “heaven arrangement” Wee Ka Siong should first investigate bogus degree within MCA – Is the MBA from University West Coast of Panama obtained by MCA Youth Chief Nicole Wong a bogus and unauthorised degree?

Wee Ka Siong said at a Chinese New Year open house in Penang last night on the recent bogus degree issue that it is not that he is great, but it was “heaven arrangement” that he expose the recent bogus degree fiasco.

Is Wee Ka Siong so desperate that he now needs to resort to mystical explanation to strengthen his own argument. I urge Wee Ka Siong to stop putting gold on his face and if he is really “heaven arrangement” for him to expose the bogus degree, he should first clean his own house within MCA.

Can Wee Ka Siong explain to the people if the MBA obtained by MCA Youth Chief Nicole Wong from University West Coast of Panama is a bogus or unauthorized degree? Is this MBA recognized by Malaysia Qualification Agency(MQA)?

The West Coast University Panama whose credentials are suspect and not recognised by the National Council of University Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAUPA) in Panama. It is also listed as one of the universities which are ‘unauthorised schools’ and which issues ‘invalid degrees’ by the state of Oregon in the US.

“In March 2007 a Bangladesh online newspaper reported that the nation’s education ministry and University Grants Commission had found that West Coast University was operating illegally in Bangladesh and the education ministry was seeking to sue the institution for offering bachelor’s degree courses without government authorization.

Wee Ka Siong boasted that there is no bogus degree that could escape his eyes. I urge Wee Ka Siong to make true to his words and scan through MCA Youth Chief Nicole Wong’s University West Coast of Panama MBA and tell the people if this is a bogus and unauthorized degree!

_Media statement by DAP Perak Publicity Secretary and State Assemblyman of Keranji Chong Zhemin on 14 Feb 2019._