MCA needs no political viagra from Najib but Najib needs a political boost for his dip in approval rating

Najib openly insulted MCA when he suggested that MCA needs some political viagra and ask the health minister from MIC to prescribe the medication. This is an insulting, humiliating and disrespectful remark coming from Najib publicly to shame MCA leaders.

Why do MCA need an UMNO suggestion and a MIC prescription of viagra to recover from its political disaster from the last general election? Has MCA turned from a political servant to a political slave and now a political patient to UMNO?

Newly elected MCA president, Liow Tiong Lai must now stand up strongly against Najib that he does not agree to Najib insensitive remark. Liow must also ask Najib to retract his comment and apologize without reservations.

MCA new Wanita Chief, Heng Seai Kie was spot on when she said she was “a little surprised” at Najib’s remark and this is “not the type of comment women would hear in an occasion like this”. However Heng stop short of condemning Najib by saying,”We should not use a magnifying glass to enlarge this joke. Viagra is just the name of a drug. I would not interpret it as an insult to the women.”

Will Heng now agree that all sexist remarks made are just jokes and should not come under magnifying glass, hence justifying all past and future sexist comments from BN politicians. Viagra is not any normal drug. It is a drug to treat erectile dysfunction for men having an erection problem. How is this not a sexist comment when made publicly by Najib during MCA General Assembly?

With the new group of MCA leaders elected yesterday, will MCA be brave enough to stand up to Najib telling him off that MCA needs no political viagra from Najib.Instead, Najib himself should be the one looking for a political boost after his dip in approval rating. Najib approval rating has declined to 52% in December, the lowest since he assume office in 2009.

Media Statement by Chong Zhemin, DAP Perak Chairman of Economic Development Bureau and Political Secretary to Taiping MP on 22nd Dec 2013

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