The main question that the PAS state government should answer – how can the opening of cinemas in Kelantan lead to social ills?

I am dumbfounded with the Kelantan State Exco member Wan Roslan Wan Hamat’s reply that Selangor and Johor recorded the highest number of HIV cases whereas Kelantan HIV cases was lower although it borders Thailand. This shows that he totally missed the point of the question I have asked.

I have totally no interest to engage in a debate of number of HIV cases of each state and Kelantan’s geographical proximity to Thailand with Wan Roslan Wan Hamat as I would have fallen into his trap to divert the topic from the main issue if I were to do so.

I have cited the statement by former Kelantan State Health, Family and Women Development Committee Chairperson Wan Ubaidah Omar that there were 616 new HIV cases in 2009, which was the highest recorded in the country. I also posed a question on why this was the case when the cinema ban was effective in 2009 as was for the past 30 years.

This was in response to the statement by Kelantan State Exco Izani Husin that even if strict conditions were imposed on cinema operators, there would still be room for social ills.

Any rational, sensible and right thinking Malaysians would have immediately got the point and asked, “How are HIV cases related to the opening of cinemas?” The same question can be asked, “How are social ills related to the opening of cinemas?”

I urge the PAS State government not to divert the main issue and answer the question – “How can the opening of cinemas in Kelantan lead to social ills?”

If the PAS State government could not provide a reasonable and satisfactory reply supported with concrete proof and statistics, there should be no compelling reason to continue with the cinema ban.

_Media statement by DAP Perak Publicity Secretary and State Assemblyman of Keranji Chong Zhemin on 21 March 2019._