My third question to Zambry – Why did he allow ATP to delay the opening of MAPS for 18 months and pay RM5.3M to DreamWorks in penalty?

When ATP signed the agreement with DreamWorks, it was specified in the agreement that if MAPS is not open to public on time, ATP will need to pay an extension fee penalty.

Keeping this hefty extension fee in mind there is no room for ATP to delay the construction of MAPS. MAPS was open to the public on June 2017, however due to the inability to reach an agreement with DreamWorks, the Dream Zone remained closed.

ATP has paid a total of RM5.3M to DreamWorks of penalty in the form of creative services fee sand extension fees.

In view of the slim chance that an agreement may be reached with DreamWorks, the new management has made the painful decision to terminate the agreement with DreamWorks and open up the DreamZone in Aug 2018. This is the first time visitors has full access to the park since the opening in June 2017.

ATP has spent RM860k to transform Dreamzone into Trick ‘O’ Thrill. The termination of DreamWorks has caused ATP the loss of investment RM59M due to the written off of earlier construction work and inventories bought.

Zambry must be fully accountable and responsible for the RM5.3M penalty fees paid to DreamWorks and the RM59M loss of investment.

_Media Statement by Chairman of the Audit Committee Perak Corporation Berhad and Keranji State Assemblyman Chong Zhemin on 26 March 2019._