Why I join DAP


Over the years, I have been contemplating whether to join the DAP as an active member or to help DAP as a supporter. During the 13th General Election I helped DAP campaign and spoke at 15 Ceramah organised by DAP as a UTAR lecturer. The outcome of the election result was encouraging for DAP but disappointing as a whole as Pakatan Rakyat failed to form the federal government despite getting the popular votes of 50.3% compare to BN 46.8%.

It is clear that the whole election process is biased and fraudulent. Pakatan Rakyat needs to work against the whole election system in order to win the federal power and bring a meaningful change to all Malaysian. I conceded that the most direct and effective way to topple Barisan Nasional is by joining DAP and contribute to the party.

It was not a tough decision for me to join DAP as I have always subscribe to the party objectives such as Malaysian First, equal opportunities for all Malaysians and the fight against corruption and racism. I believe that DAP is the future of Malaysia Politics where political ideas and policies transcend racial issues.

Malaysia is now at a critical juncture in its history where we are now moving towards a two party system. In view of recent unfounded attack on the opposition particularly DAP causing a “Chinese Tsunami”, there is an urgent need to strengthen DAP so that we will not fall back to the old racial politics. Malaysia needs to move forward.

I hope by coming forward to join DAP as a lecturer, I can set an example and encourage more youngsters to join DAP. I openly urged all Malaysians especially our younger generations not to be despair of the recent general election result. Despite the result, we are now at the most advantageous point in Malaysia history for a regime change. The fight is still on. No matter how long or how tough it is, I will stay committed and fight for a better Malaysia for our future generations until the day Barisan Nasional is defeated.

Press Conference at DAP HQ Ipoh on 14th May 2013

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